Yuma County Ag Producers Scholarship

The Yuma County Ag Producers Scholarship is for students enrolling at Arizona Western College and/or the University of Arizona with an Agriculture or an Ag-related major. (Science majors intending an Ag or Ag related career will be considered.) (Courses needed at Northern Arizona University – Yuma (NAU-Yuma) to fulfill the program will also be covered.) (All Ag Science, Engineering, and Ag Business majors ).

Application Deadline: April 8, 2019 - 5pm


Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements for this scholarship are:


High school cumulative GPA, as per transcript, must be 2.5 or greater. College transcripts will be considered, but focus is HS GPA.

Agricultural or
Ag-related major

Student must be a Declared Agricultural major or Ag-related major. Science and Engineering majors will be considered if there is a clear Ag focus or goal (as evidenced in educational plan or by other means.)

full-time student

Student must be enrolled as a full-time student, as defined by the institution; a full time load distributed between institutions is acceptable as prescribed by the degree program.

4 Year Program

Student must be enrolled in or intend to enroll in, or transfer to, a four year program through the UA. Students enrolled in a 2+2 or 2+1+1 program qualify.

Love Agriculture

Students must demonstrate a genuine interest in a career in Yuma agriculture, agribusiness, agriculture science, or agriculture engineering related occupation, preferably by having taken agriculture related courses and participating in agriculture related curricular and extra curricular activities.

Good Standing

Student must be in good standing.

Award Information

Qualifying Degrees

Funding applies to Ag Technology & Management, Agribusiness, or Ag/Biosystems Engineering, Sustainable Plant Systems- Crop Production, Ag Business & Economics related degree programs, and prescribed courses for those programs, at AWC, and UA in Yuma or Tucson, only.

Award Amounts

Typical awards are from $500 to $1500 per academic semester and must be used for the academic year awarded. Unused or forfeited funds will be refunded to the YCAPS Fund.

Qualifying Schools

Preference will be given to Yuma County High School graduates (includes San Pasqual).


Applications will be judged on merit, or financial need, or both.


Scholarship is renewable with re-application, compliance with scholarship agreement and continuation of criteria.


Recipients will be able to accept this scholarship, as well as any others received.

Disbursement Method

Funds will be paid directly to the institution(s) to be applied in the payment of the scholarship recipients’ educational expenses, half of the award each semester, the second semester contingent on continued qualification of criteria.

Disbursement Order

Funds will be applied to the following in the order of priority: Tuition, Fees, Books and supplies from the AWC or UA bookstore. (Residence Hall Fees, Food pass for the cafeteria in certain circumstances—please see Living Expenses, below.) No cash will be released to student.

Fund Administrator

Funds will be administered by institutional scholarship and bursar’s offices. Remainder funds will be returned to the YCAPS Fund.

Approved Expenses

YCAP scholarships apply to registration fees, tuition, lab fees, student equipment and related educational fees. Books and supplies from the AWC Bookstore or the UA bookstore are also covered.

Living Expenses

Living Expenses: In appropriate circumstances, scholarships might also include funds for living expenses. Funding for living expenses will be decided on a case by case basis; awards for such will be distributed to the bursar’s office for the distribution on a semester basis. No funds will be distributed directly to the student.

2018 Application Deadline: April 8, 2019 - 5pm


Congratulations 2018 Recipients